About Milarki

Milarki Games was born 2020 out of the passion of Kim Sellstedt and Anders Larsson, tabletop gaming enthusiasts from Karlstad, Sweden. Mikael Edgren, our talented web developer based in Stockholm, joined our team early on. In 2023, we welcomed Jesper Melander from Järna, adding valuable expertise to our endeavour.

Our journey began as a local gaming group campaign managed with pen and paper. Battles won by players led to territory claims on our hand-drawn map, culminating in an epic thematic battle with 16,000 points on each side.

As we planed another campaign the idea of going digital emerged. Mostly to help us streamline record-keeping. Mikael, as a life long friend, was brought on board as a web developer. But what started as a simple webpage developed into something greater.

Mikael's dedication inspired us to dream bigger — envisioning a global campaign page. After six months of hard work, Milarki was born, a dynamic project shaped by the community.

Now with version 2 Milarki is poised to redefine the gaming experience. Featuring user-friendly features, advanced statistics, and enhanced player search functions, and an even more immersive gaming world. And with a renowned TO in Jesper joining our forces, we hope to reach new heights.

This is Milarki.