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South across the Tendril sea a land rises from the waves.

A land where ancient secrets are buried and history have become legend.

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An interactive narrative

Meridia is the setting for the Milarki narrative, taking place on an island south of the Evergreen swathe in Ghyran.

Your games fuel the narrative as four warlords fight over control of this mystical island.

You also have the tools to create your own narrative inside Meridia or outside of it—Your choice.

A screenshot of a story in the Milarki app, with two character cards overlayed on top of it

Scorekeeping & live battles

Play your games and keep scores using our digital gaming aid, a customizable system that can run on all devices: your computer, tablet, or phone.

You can even watch other players' battles live.

Battle result page with a scorecard and the game tracker overlayed on top of it

Create, run and join Tournaments of any size

Our tournament system is developed by Scandinavia's most experienced TO, who is also part of the Swedish Worlds Team.

It is set up so that everyone can use it, from friendly weekend gaming events to the most demanding tournaments worldwide.

Screenshot of a tournament page with a round overview overlayed on top of it

It's a numbers game

All your gaming data is stored in one place.

Everything is saved in our systems so that whether you want to view your own stats or see the leading factions globally and their statistics, you can find it here.

Your own stats center.

Screenshots from the stats and profile pages in Milarki


What is Milarki?

Milarki is the essential tool for all your "off-table" needs in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. We handle everything from tracking scores and providing in-game statistics with our game-tracker to adding spice and narrative to your games within the immersive world of Meridia. Whether you're setting up tournaments or exploring unique ways to play, Milarki is your go-to platform.

Is Milarki Free?

Absolutely! Milarki is free to use. While we may introduce additional features behind a paywall in the future, there are no such plans at the moment. If you'd like to support us, we have a Support Milarki option.

How to be a Part of Milarki?

Simply by being here, you can delve into the Meridia story and immerse yourself in its rich narrative. Registering and tracking your games with us is encouraged—it not only enhances your gaming experience but also helps progress your story. Sharing your games and stories on social media or supporting us financially is optional but greatly appreciated.

What is the Milarki Narrative?

The story taking place on the Milarki website is placed in Ghyran, the plane of life. South of the Evergreen swathe is a island called Meridia where four warlords, each representing a grand alliance, are trying to gain control of the land. At the same time we get to know Meridia and its history.

How do I affect the narrative?

In its most basic form your registered games push the story forward. A win for chaos is pushing thew chaos faction in Meridia closer to their goals. As we move forward there will also be special events that focus on a part of the narrative and then your battles drive that narrative and the event forward. But how the Milarki narrative will progress wont be static. As we go along we together with you the players see what work and what wont work in our effort to make a great and enjoyable global narrative together.

Can I make my own character?

We give you tools to tell your own story and a simple way to start is to name your leader — Your own warlord. We find that sometimes the story tells itself on the battlefield as dice are rolling. In the future your characters may become more entangled in the story as you create and share your own journey on the Milarki website.

Will Tournaments be Online?

Milarki supports both in-person and online events, providing flexibility for gamers.

Can I Start a League or Group on Milarki?

This feature will be added soon, allowing users to initiate and manage leagues or group activities.

Does Milarki use AI-generated images?

Yes, we use AI-generated images.

We do this because we're not backed by a big company and need to keep our costs low. As we grow, we plan to replace these images with ones from real artists. This commitment to supporting the artistic community is deeply ingrained in our mission.

That’s one of the reasons we have the Support Milarki-option. We depend entirely on donations and support from users like you to keep things running and to start paying artists for their work.

How to Join a Tournament?

Find tournaments by searching in the top menu, or locate them under the "Tournament" menu. Click on the Tournament, press "Join Tournament," and follow the instructions provided by the Tournament Organizer (TO).