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Welcome to Milarki

Let's make every casual game count

Have you ever wished that your Age of Sigmar and Warcry battles meant something more? Well now they can.

Join Milarki and organize your gaming group into a league. Choose you alliance and take part in our grand narrative where every casual game counts.

Join our story

We have an ongoing story that you as a player take part in. Choose which warlord you swear loyalty to and help your grand alliance gain the upper hand in the fight for Meridia.

All the data you will ever need

Be able to save all your games. Look at all the top players and armies. You can even sort these by country if you want to see how you fare against your fellow countrymen and women.

Custom made battleplans

Reenact key battles from our story. Immerse yourself in the narrative here at Milarki as more custom battleplans and tools will be added.