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Kaela Wyrm-slayer

As the child of a chieftain she was destined for greatness. But in a society where martial prowess and strength measures a persons worth nothing is taken for granted. Like everyone else she had to fight for every scrap tooth and nail. Her defining moment was at the hunt for Astothian, the father of wyrms, where she manage to fell the dragon by climbing up on the creature’s back. Her deed brought her not only the title of leader of the Ever-bloods but also the surname Wyrm-slayer.

A fierce and proud fighter she now tries to raise the defense agains the new enemy at their shores.

Garlock Suresteel

Once a Grand Marshal for the armies of the Spiral bay he is strong as the steel that built the Chamon fortresses of Kaleidos. He led the charge against Koralax, the Changer of ways. That day he liberated the golden fortress of Aurum Ka and freed the dwarven king Vorghar from captivity. He was taken by Sigmar as Koralax transformed a mountain into molten iron eradicating a whole valley as the searing hot wave washed over the constructed defenses drowning the men and women inside.

Now the God-king has given him a new task. Reclaim the tower the locals call the world axis. Awaken the eye again.

Vengorian Lord Forian Borsch

Not many vampires perform the ritual of Korak’hor and comes out on the other side. Ten days of hanging over a potent realm gate that constantly spews forth amethyst energy is enough to turn all but the most potent of vampires to dust. Under the Sascathran dunes of Aqshy Lord Borsch was again reborn an even stronger creature.

From the lips of mistress Vai herself he was sent away to Ghyran to find something of great importance to her. Deep in the gully of the tombs of Chang-moor he found the first piece. Everything had gone according to plan, if only these humans had not decided to invade the very place he has set his eyes on next.

Teefsplitta, Wurrgog prophet of the Drakkfoot

As a prophet of the Drakkfoots he is also a prophet of Gorkamorka. Guided by the twin-headed god he leads the clan to the mightiest of daemons and in the bubbling ash-lands of Aqshy there is no shortage of formidable foes.

Now they have set their sights on the mightiest of them all - Goreslaker, butcher of Brutos hills. The Blood-thirster seems invincible but Teefsplitta has a vision that perplexes him. In a foreign land where the ash is cold and watery they will finally claim their trophy.